Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Back

I'm beginning to hate Google. Because of their poorly though out policies and lack of any type of decent customer service I no longer have access to any of my previous blogs. After trying to get some resolution for the last month, I decided to just suck it up and start anew.

One thing I decided is that since I have such little time available to me these days, I needed to drop one of my blogs, so I have waved goodbye to The Comic Book Observatory for the time being. I can't say if or when I will ever pick that back up, so anything that has to do with comic books will be written about here as well.

As for the look of the blog, it's the same as the last version. I really liked the look of that big moon and I found the layout to be easy to use, so here we are. I still have some tweaking to do with adding a few more links and such, but I will have that completed by the end of the week, babies willing.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that brings with it new comics, which is a great thing. While I wish I could buy everything I find interesting, I am limiting tomorrow to the following books:

52 #26
Exterminators #11
Jonah Hex #13
JLA #3
Mystery In Space #3
Incredible Hulk #100
Mouse Guard #5

I'm really excited about getting Jonah Hex tomorrow because Palmiotti and Gray are going to tell his origin. What this means is that we're finally going to get to learn how his face got so scared and why he's living the life he does. After reading the Showcase Presents Jonah Hex that DC put out last year, I really have grown to enjoy that character and they have nailed it perfectly! It's a must read for me each month. Go and check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.