Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching Up Part 2

I wish I could find more time to update here and to write in general, but I just haven't made the time I should. It's not all bad though because one of the "Distractions" that keeps me away from writing is the fact that the kids are growing up so fast and are demanding more of my time and attention. I spend much of my time as an incredible multi-faceted entertainment tool of fatherhood, serving as (and in no particular order) chef, climbing mountain, movie operator, letter and number instructor, finder of lost shoes, food dispenser, hairdresser, scape goat, toy repair mechanic, identifier of the obvious (yes, that's black or yes, that's a "Q"), tent master, toddler tosser (babies getting thrown into the sofa), and lastly my favorite; Urinary Instruction Demonstrator!!! You'd think that since they're triplets they would be able to entertain themselves, but apparently they need to bring me in. I don't know if that means that they love me THAT much or if they think I'm just like one of them with better posture and a mutant pituitary gland? But I digress.

Meva and I talked quite a bit this week and we decided that I will be able to attend the Mid-Ohio Comic Convention in October! I've never been to this one, but everyone tells me it is a great little event that's a lot of fun and much more focused on comic books; as opposed to the other cons I've been to which are really just comic book saturated pop culture merchandise marts. I'll get to hook up with my friends Brant and Scott, who are both guests and have their own booth, so that's going to be a good time for sure.

We also talked about camping. Sometime in September we will be taking the triplets out for their first camping experience. None of this crappy easy overnight stuff in a lodge either. We're going to get the tent out and the sleeping bags, roast some marshmallows, build a fire, and get a bunch of mosquito bites!! Yes sir, it should definitely be a blast and I'm hoping to get a bunch of great pictures out of this.

In addition to the family outing, I will also be taking some time alone to go camping by myself. I won't be going all Survivorman or anything because, well quite frankly I would probably die, but I won't be leaving the state, so there won't be any inherent danger for me to "overcome." That being said I have a few ideas for where I'd like to go for some hiking and time alone with the new laptop (which I will get by then) and get some writing done. I don't think I'll touch on Thoreau, but it will be close enough. I'm looking more forward to this than I am the comic convention the week before.

Thanks to the uninspiring spectacle that is the Olympics, Meva and I haven't been able to watch Conan O'Brien. All is not bad though because it's given us a chance to check out Craig Ferguson over on CBS. Honestly, if you haven't had the chance to watch him, take the time and tune into him. He is damn funny!! All I've seen so far are mostly reruns due to it being summer, but it hasn't mattered one bit. It's some good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, I said I mentioned two separate things last time that caught my attention. The first one was an interview on the lovely conservative mouthpiece for retarded fundamentalist thinking, otherwise known as Fox News (specifically Fox and Friends) with the "Still Not Dead" Ernest Borgnine who, unaware that his microphone was still one, told the American public that the secret to looking as young as he does at the age of 91 is that he "masturbates a lot!!" I can't wait until I get to be the age where I can say any damn thing without repercussion or offense because I'll be a crazy old guy!!

And a couple of idiots from Georgia got national news coverage for taking pictures of a gorilla suit with pig intestines on it, throwing it in an old refrigerator, and then saying that they have the body of a Bigfoot. Never mind the fact that their story changed three different times, or that they refuse to actually show anyone the body, or that they have a deal with a guy who runs a Bigfoot site and sells ad space and merchandise to promote this farce. Pay no attention to that or their lack of any credibility, just realize three things:
  1. It must have been a slow news day
  2. They were from the South
  3. NASCAR wasn't in Georgia that weekend!
Really, what more do you need to know than that??? Hunters stumbling across a Bigfoot corpse my ass!

That's all for now. We're heading out to Indianapolis for the weekend to attend a wedding renewal ceremony and a mini-vacation with for the kids to see their grandparents.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up Part 1

It must be something in the air or the summer or maybe even the upcoming Presidential Election, but I've noticed that myself and many of my fellow bloggers have begun to slack with their updates. I can't say for sure why, but I know I am not the only one so in this I can find some solace.

So, what made me finally decide get back here where I really do belong? Well I was sitting up later than I really should be, unable to sleep and looking for something to help me wind down when something came to me. I had actually considered watching the Olympics tonight!! Yeah I know, I'm not that much farther from thoughts of suicide or of taking out a school bus full of whatever adorable thing you can think of, by running it over a cliff. However you want to put it, it was a definite sign to get writing. So now you know and I finally have a positive experience from the Olympic games.

Anyways, first and foremost my son Perrin had successful spinal surgery. The hospital stay was rough at times due to nature of having a 2 year old cooped up for 5 days and nights, but I'm grateful that he came home and has healed quite well with only one minor setback being a small infection on his wound that we quickly got under control and have almost completely eliminated it. He's been home three weeks now and he will be resuming his physical therapy next week. So, a big cheer goes out to Fudd as he is the toughest little guy I've ever met.

If you haven't seen my pictures on Facebook or MySpace lately, I've shaved my head. My plan was to go as my son Ryan to a costume party, so I needed to dye my hair brown. Long story short; I went as Ryan but the dye came out brassy and I shaved my head bald because since I was going to look ridiculous anyways, I had the power to choose how it was going to happen, so I chose bald look. 10 years ago it was a great look for me--- now, not so much!!

The fallout with my real family continues with very welcomed walls of silence. It's been helpful to me and I enjoy the lack of drama that I get exposed to and that's been wonderful for my stress levels and for the rest of my family. The last time I spoke with my sister's I was told that my mother was hospitalized again due to breathing problems and a stroke. They also told me that she has around 6 months left to live.

Despite the above, or maybe as a result, I've chose to stick to the boundaries I set for myself through counseling. It's a way for me to protect myself from the drama, stress, and spiteful comments that are often bedfellows to interaction. Hence I've not called and no one has call me. I explain myself better on this blog, which you are welcome to read anytime.

We've also been having problems with the minivan due to the heat & AC completely dying on us, which isn't acceptable when you have 2 yr old triplets and summer drives of 7 hours. The price was a whopping $1200 to repair everything, mostly due to the labor costs of having to take out the dashboard to get to the bad parts.

That means this old Bear needs to find a new job for some extra cash! To that end I'll probably be going back to the Comic Book store for a few hours here and there to contribute what I can.

I also finally got the ball rolling on my laptop fund. Meva and I already decided we couldn't afford a laptop with our current situation so if I want one, I need to start selling some of my excess crap and comic books (this last one will also help with the crowding we are getting into). I've only sold a handful of junk and I've already raise about $150. I really only want this for writing, so it doesn't have to be very powerful. But at the same token I'd like it to have enough under it's hood to allow for using/viewing Photo Shop effectively. We'll see how this goes here in the next few weeks.

It's late, but next time I'm going to talk a little bit about Bigfoot and Earnest Borgnine. And no, they aren't the same person!!