Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weird Comments

Almost two years ago we had to replace our air conditioning unit because Gus peed all over the coils and basically killed the thing. Shortly there after I spoke about my general dislike of all things Gus, the ridiculous amounts of money he's cost us and how he has bitten people, the most traumatic was Sarah.

So sometime yesterday I get a comment on that very post. I am more amused that someone felt the need to comment on something so old than I am of their silly comment. The person was in favor of us getting rid of the dog because you can't have one in a house with kids when he's been known to bite them. Well to whoever you were, it wasn't from a lack of trying.

I was planning on taking the triplets to an arboretum tomorrow, but the weather has turned on us, so we will just be hanging at home and doing other stuff.I'm disappointed we're not going, but I plan to have fun with them regardless. Maybe it should be finger painting day tomorrow, that will be fun.

I took one of those silly quizzes on Facebook today, to determine what Jesus might think of me. According to whoever created this thing, Jesus thinks I am a "Sanctimonious Prick!" If my memory is right it consisted of 4 questions, and the first one was loaded about your outlook on orhanized religion. Still, I got a big kick out of it!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's taken me a bit longer than I had originally hoped, but I finally got my comic book blog, The Comic Book Observatory. In the end, I switched it around and changed the template so that it has an entirely new look, which of course caused the largest obstacles and longest delays. But it's back up and I figure to slowly add to it as I get back into what I want to do with it. So, if you are just dying to hear me talk about Superheroes, sequential art, and all things comic book related (yes, I am talking to you Michelle Williams) then you'll be able to have nerdgasm after nerdgasm over there!

Around here I've been trying to get the house in order for spring. It seems like every time I have a chance to start working either the weather is horrible or there are other priorities pulling me away. I still haven't taken care of the grubs, but I did finally dig out a bush that needed to go. It only took me a few hours and cost me a shovel that I broke trying to dig it out.

We spent a great weekend in Ohio for Easter. This was the first year that the triplets colored eggs. In reality all they did was drop the eggs in and help take them out, and go "WOW" at the bright colors, but I enjoyed it and we were able to get some nice pictures.

I'd like to write more, but there is still a table full of clothes to fold and I have a meeting early in the morning to learn about diabetes. Before you freak out, nothing has changed with my health. For years I have always skirted close to when ever I had blood work during physicals and check-ups. It doesn't help that they've changed what they consider to be diabetes as measure by a glucose check, but it the magic number is 100 and above, I've routinely hovered around 97 or 99. Meva says that recently lowered the number to 99 just in time for me to score 100 on my last test. My doctor isn't overly concerned for me and his only advice was for me to "lose some weight" and the number should come down on it's own. To that end I decided to attend a diabetes class to educate myself and try and stave the off before I end up in serious trouble. I am sure I'll talk about it in a few days.