Wednesday, February 02, 2011

App Snow Removal

That's me trying my best to be witty as I describe my day. I think that when this storm will have passed, everyone is going to be yammering on and on about all the obstacles they've had to overcome and perceiver. For the most part they'll all sound the same. I'm sure mine will too, so I'll try not to be too cliche' in anything I tell.

What was probably the most shocking part of my day wasn't canceled field trips, busted wiper blades, or fighting the blizzard. It was the 375+ games and applications I blocked and removed from Facebook. Slowly I am making my way to freeing myself of that and putting that time and energy into much more productive endeavors.

I'm still playing games, but I took 94% of that whole mess away. It's a small start, but it's a positive one and I'm enjoying it so far.

Sometime tomorrow I'll have some nice Blizzard photos to post. I have a few now, but I'm going to get some sleep and get ready for tomorrow.