Thursday, March 29, 2007

This Week's Winner!!

I'm not really reaching very far and wide for this week's winner. I thought I would play it safe and in some ways this is really a no-brainer. As a proponent of the 1st Amendment I don't have a problem with this site and I am happy that it has the right to exist, but it's receiving this week's award for reasons that aren't the norm. Well, let's get started.

Stupid Website of the Week White Pride TV

Is it sad that the KKK has a site that streams is twisted brand of religiously disguised hate and xenophobia? Of course it is. The content that comes from this weekly talk show is exactly what you would expect. If you can stomach it watch the latest episode where the two hosts deride lesbians who want to march in St. Patrick's Day parades. What I find most disturbing is that they "cut-away" from their show to present two very sweet and innocent looking young teen girls singing songs in support of the KKK and their beliefs.

I could have just chose the entire KKK website, but where is the fun in that? That's as much of a no-brainer as saying Rosie O'Donnell is butch. What made this extra stupid to me is the production quality of the whole thing.

It's obviously a propaganda and recruitment tool, yet the sound and picture quality are so poor that it reminds of of watching 9" TV's back in the 1970's when there was only an antennae hook up for it. I had trouble understanding the people sometimes (despite the mushmouth) and the entire production reminded me of badly produced cable access shows.

Give it a try if you want to, just for curiosity's sake to see what they are using to try and lure in more people to their hate-cause. If for nothing else, it's worth a sad little laugh.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've Had Time To Think

My wife is one smart cookie! I freely admit that she is much smarter than I am, and she had a ball last week with my Stupid Website of the Week. She spent quite a bit more time on Jon Swift's blog and Conservapedia than I did and I am ashamed to admit that she pointed out things I shouldn't have missed. Specifically that Jon Swift is a satirical name paying homage to Jonathon Swift, the Irish satirist who wrote Gulliver's Travels and A Modest Proposal. Considering I have a history degree, I must now hang my head in shame for having missed that one! I am now convinced that this blog should be the this week's stupid site, but I am vain so I won't do that!

There's not a whole lot going on around here. I have a giant portable storage unit in my driveway that my wife and I are working on filling up with excess things to make moving and selling our house easier. Surprise, surprise that most of the things we are putting in there are baby-related or books!

Meva celebrated her birthday on Monday. Her parents came to visit for the weekend, which was very nice and we all took the kids out for dinner on Saturday for her. I treated her to a nice Buffet dinner of Indian food Monday night. I made sure to get her eggplant Bharta, Naan, Samosas, and a Mango Lassi! She was very happy and ate almost everything on her own over the next few days........which is exactly what I did that for.

I didn't get to enter that comic book contest I was working on. While I am still excited about doing my story, I don't quite think my artist was. That's ok, but it's frustrating to say the least. Now I'm going to have to start that process again all over and do this from scratch on my own. Once it's done, it will all be worth it!

I've got an appointment scheduled tomorrow to see a hand specialist for this nagging injury I've had in my thumb for over two years now. I've had something like 10 cortisone shots over the last 6 months and it hasn't improved, hopefully this doctor will find out what's wrong and be able to fix it without surgery. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dumb or Ignorant......You Decide

Recently a friend of mine named Tom started a discussion on his blog about nonsense in our society, you can check it out here. One of the cool things about his post is that it shows how if you look, with very little effort, you can find all kinds of dumb or ignorance. It is with this in mind that I have decided (at least until I no longer have the time) to spotlight something stupid, or ignorant, or just plain dumb, once a week.

My introductory week is being brought to everyone by the wonderful mind that is my wife! She mentioned this site to me and it got me to checking it out and in that process I discovered and even more idiotic site, so I'm going to double dip this week. It's equally enjoyable because the two sites share the same blind ignorance........or at least a great amount of it.

Meva was telling me about a site that is similar to Wikipedia, which for those who aren't aware, is a free Internet encyclopedia. The unique quality of this site is that much of it allows for readers to edit or add to the articles and entries that are found within. Taken lightly, it's a fun site to explore, but I personally wouldn't recommend anyone take the information found there as fact before verifying it through other sources. Apparently it gets knocked for it's highly liberal views. I wasn't aware they were liberally biased, but then again I don't rely on it solely for my information and my natural skepticism precludes me from accepting anything at face value, so I almost automatically filter out bias when I notice it in my search for facts or truth. That being said, I'm sure it's there.

In this country, once something is labeled "liberal" it is often attacked by our friends, The Conservatives. Obviously threatened by the potentially devastating power and influence that is the liberal spewing might of the all-invasive force of Wikipedia, we are now treated with Conservapedia!!

promotes itself as one of the worlds largest and most reliable online educational sources without all the liberal and anti-Christian bias of Wikipedia and other online sources. Which in plan liberal speak means:
"We embrace religious fundamentalism in the face of scientific facts, while promoting a limited world view that only recognizes other cultures, religions, and peoples as subservient and viewable as a labor source to exploit for labor that we don't want to preform ourselves, but are more than willing to under pay for......and without benefits because if you were a true Christian your God would take care of you, or at least provide you with some kind of health insurance, which he has never said we need to do!"
Obviously that is a quote I am attributing to myself.

While checking out that site, I had the joy of doing a few searches about Conservapedia and I came across this page, a blog by someone named Jon Swift. He calls himself a "reasonable conservative," which to me is almost an oxymoron like Free Lunch, No Strings Attached, or Republican Compassion. I think his site is pretty up front, but I do believe he has a sense of humor.......or at least I'm pulling for it because if he doesn't, then this blog is even more scary! I say this because after reading his post on Conservapedia, he freely admits to its superiority over Wikipedia, yet doesn't even know what it's about (HINT---He attributes it to Wiccan). He also says that since the media is biased, he gets his news from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and, the best part---Jay Leno Monologues!! There is so much wrong with that statement I don't even have the time to stop laughing and write about it!!

Maybe I'm wrong for including them here, but check them out and judge for yourself!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


The water leak is all fixed and not a leak in sight, which is great news. At the risk of complaining too much, things have been moving along rather crappy!! I went from some leaky pipes and home repairs to horribly strong migraines, to a serious flaring up of an old hand injury, to back pain that almost makes me cry. LOL, a week into being 38 and I might actually be falling apart.

So, I try and deal with the pain as best as I could but it's not working and then I go and put my back completely out of sorts to the extent that I am having trouble picking up my children. I wish I had a great story about injuring my back saving a busload of puppies and nuns from "The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, " but I don't. Simply put, I couldn't resist my wife's beauty and allure and in a moment of intimacy I injured my back.

So anyways, it's pretty messed up and not even vicodin is helping me with the pain and my wife gets me introduced to something called Norco. It's much stronger and very effective. The only problem is that it clouds my mind and makes me pretty dopey ............................... kinda like being drunk. That's a real trip for me since I gave up drinking over 5 years ago.

My wife finds this to be very entertaining for the first few hours as I am rambling and stammering while trying to explain such complex concepts like: Where are the goldfish crackers? Fast forward about 5 hours and I still haven't found the crackers (although I ate them 2 hours ago) and she's as frustrated as I am.

Anyways, that's pretty much been my week here. I'm not even going to get into the wild ass dreams I've had but if Sharon O'Connell is reading this by chance, I miss you kiddo and I wish we talked more often. I also bought an adult-sized onesie for my friend Tom's birthday put an Irish curse on it after sending a photo shopped picture of my son and godzilla to him that I now refer to as Ryzilla.

I'm tired, dopey, and tired. I'll type more when I can make sense and the keys on my keyboard stop moving so much.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Grab A Bucket

That phrase encompassed my early morning yesterday. As I was getting ready for work and taking a shower, I heard a hissing sound in the bathroom. After checking things out, my wife and I discovered that we had a leak inside the wall behind the shower. After tearing into the wall, we discovered one of the compression fittings had cracked. Luckily my brother Cecil came over and together it took us about 2 hours and we had it fixed. The insides of the walls were soaked, so I'm going to need to let that thing stay opened for about a week to dry out and prevent mold buildup. Afterwards it will be a little bit of drywall repair and the installation of an access panel back there for any future problems.

I received some very tragic news from one of my friends last night, and while I won't talk about the specifics or who it is, I am very concerned for him and what he's going through at the moment. I thought about his situation all night and I just want him to know again that I got his back should there be anything that I can do for him.

Work is entering it's slow period. As the weather turns nicer, people's focus shift from the inside of their houses to the outside and the furniture business slows down. I just had a very hefty check this past week (four figures), which is great for a part time job, but it's going to get more lean here from this point out. What makes matters worse is that I did have to miss yesterday with my plumbing issues and we supposedly had a new guy start that is a total snake I'm told. Rumor is that he's stealing customers from other salespeople on his first day in the floor. I sure hope that he doesn't do that to me once I get back this weekend because I have a long track record of not putting up with that type of thing and I can be quite..........persuasive in getting my point across.

Other than that, there's not too much else going on right now, which isn't a bad thing.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You Move 16 Tons...

And What Do You Get??

Well, the song says you get another day older and deeper in debt. I suppose that with the way this society is increasingly running on credit that the song is more true today than ever before. Yes, today is my birthday, I am 38 years old and I've never felt older in my life......wait....that's not true, I feel even older right now...........and still older get my meaning!

Anyways, it's been a rough few days around here lately. The triplets are still in "cold" mode. The fevers are gone, but they've been replaced with runny noses, congestion, and coughing. All being said, they are in great moods..........until I get the aspirator out and clean their respective noses.....not a fun time at all! This entire turn of events with them has left me run down and exhausted on levels I've not known before.

Along with the lack of sleep has come some of my well-known migraine headaches. If you don't know, these things just suck. They take away my vision (for about 20 minutes), give me a nasty headache, and I'm often left with muscle aches and nausea. It's definitely not something I wish for those I care about. But, those have been with me in one form or another for the past three or four days.

Let's see, anything else happening? I've got a big get-together this weekend with my step family. The old man has been in bad health for years, and I think he has finally become scared to the point that he doesn't think he will be around come Christmas. He's been forever wanting us to come down every weekend and often uses lame reasons to get us down there. Since my step brother Louie and I share the same birthday and year (he's the baby...........4 hours younger) the old man has decided we need to all come down and celebrate our birthdays. So we are going to go and drag the babies on a car ride for a total of 5 hours. If we didn't love the guy so much, we wouldn't even do it. It should be a great time for everyone......I just hope the babies aren't too sick to make it.

Saturday I went to my buddy Chris' 30th birthday party. His girlfriend hosted it at a local place called Dave and Busters, which is a large place similar to Bennigans, except it has pool tables, a bar, and a bunch of video games. I had a great time seeing many of my friends again, but I ended the night on a bit of a funny and sour note----I injured myself playing a video game. This time it was some virtual boxing game. I was really winded after going 9 rounds and 3 matches(to be honest, there isn't much of a rest time between rounds or matches) and the next day my arms were sore from all the punches I had thrown! The game is great in that you can't just sit there and Punch and still have to duck and bob and weave from side to side. It's quite a bit of work, but I got to admit I enjoyed it and I want to play again. Now that I'm 38, I don't have too many more matches left in me!!

As for me today? I'm doing nothing special at all.......I'm just staying home with my wife and kids. I figure I'll do a butt load of chores and stuff around the house and then treat myself to reading comics tonight! That's the best part of having your birthday on a Wednesday....Birthday Comics!!