Saturday, January 02, 2016

I still miss my friend James that passed away last NYE. He was one of the most giving people in my life, maybe the most giving of anyone I've ever known. Having a heart attack at 45 was eye opening to me and obviously made me more aware of my own mortality. We really do have just a small amount of time here to experience everything and enjoy those who excite us.

That probably explains why I have such an altruistic nature, wanting to scream and cry out against the wrongs and injustice I see in the world. Yet at the same time it also makes me want to immerse myself in nature, away from everything and into a quite, contemplative, and simple life.

My wife teases me that I wouldn't last a week without being connected to the internet whenever I bring this up. She's least while living in a technological society. When the power or internet goes down, it does drive me crazy. Yet I know I would handle it and be fine without it, despite there being some early growing pains. But in all fairness, I love to read and in a situation like that, having a kindle or access to audio books would be nice.

All of this means that I spend more time lately thinking about the dreams I have and which one means the most to me. What about you?

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